The Future is Ours


What’s next? In the fashion industry that is the clear and constant question….. but doesn’t it also apply to everything else? If it’s been a while since you stopped to realize how infinite the possibilities are, this video will renew your sense of wonder.

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A little fix…..


Being a self-proclaimed Dior addict, I probably don’t have to tell you I’ve been anxiously waiting for Dior to release the house’s latest Fashion Film, starring Daphne Groeneveld for the Dior Addict Fragrance.
So….enough said, check it out;

How intoxicating is that? While I am at it I’ll confess I’ve watched more than once….

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LV Fall/Winter

June 15, 2012

If I had to name the one thing I love most about fashion, it would have to be it’s whimsical ability to take us away from the reality that we are bound to in this world. And well…nobody does it quite like Louis Vuitton. If you were completely taken by the house’s show for the [...]

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June 8, 2012

It’s been a “funky” week, weather wise at least. Rain on sunny days, hardly summer like except for the fact that it’s 85 degrees. But none of it matters, it’s Friday and to get the weekend started here’s a mini-vacation courtesy of Net-a-porter; Isn’t that a fabulous way to do a lookbook?

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About Sharing

June 7, 2012

May seem kinda random, and well….. it is, but definitely filled with some pretty impressive stats. Numbers are a simple objective way of putting things in perspective. Check it out; Making you think about all the junk you have laying around serving no purpose?

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All Abord Games

June 5, 2012

LV seems to have developed a fondness for animation in a way that takes “us” away from reality and into a parallel world where it’s all fun and games…. here’s their most recent; Though a completely a different feel, it’s still very much a whimsical LV trip, question is….. is it still Fashion Film?

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Vogue’s Olympic Issue

May 25, 2012

I literally look forward to the Olympics every two years (including the Winter ones), there is something so remarkable about athletes, truly a breed on their own. Anticipating the coming London Olympics, American Vogue’s June issue celebrates Team USA, with a “golden” cover and a fashion spread featuring some of the Country’s favorite contenders accompanied [...]

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Garance and her Lady Dior

May 21, 2012

Such an enticing proposition…….. and yet hard to imagine taking my own Lady Dior and using it as a scrapbook, But why not??? hard to say……

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Ashley Smith Dossier Journal #9

May 11, 2012

Retro-vibe with an contemporary look, haute done right; via: FGR It’s Friday! Enjoy.

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Jessica Stam in Dior

May 9, 2012

Though quite overlooked, while (inevitably) recapping on the pics and looks worn at the MET GALA, Jessica Stam’s dress jumped right at me! Granted, she could wear Zara and make it look Couture. But this one appeared special, upon a closer look, turns out the Canadian stunner chose not a current collection piece or even [...]

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